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The Process & App Monitor is responsible for detecting status changes of apps and processes. The workflow is set to execute based on the status of the application and background processes being monitored.

Trigger on For your convenience all Windows processes are split into 2 main categories:
  • Application · programs that have a user interface.
  • Background process · services and other processes that usually run "behind the scenes" and do not require user interaction.
  • File · provide a full path and executable to monitor or just an executable name to monitor a process regardless of its path.
If it Select the triggering condition:
  • is running · triggers when the app is being executed.
  • is not running · triggers when the app is not yet started or is already closed (terminated).
App infoShows the current status of a process or application, for example:
  • The application "Settings" is currently running.
  • The process "Lighting" recently was closed.

The tooltip displays extended process information in real-time.
YouTube video · Automatic CPU pinning in Windows


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Process & App Monitor. Capture details of the process that initiated the workflow execution, including the full path to the executable, process name, and process identifier (PID). Log success events to record information about successful triggering and the app status, while logging failure events allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of error conditions.

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