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The Service Monitor Trigger monitors the specified Windows service. When the predefined triggering conditions are met, it fires up a workflow to automate service operations. For example, the Trigger can watch for service failure, and restart the service automatically when such an event happens.

Trigger on Select 1 service type from the following 3 categories:
  • Service · a regular Windows service, such as Windows Update Service, Database, CRM, etc.
  • Kernel driver · a service of the kernel driver type.
  • Filesystem driver · a service of the file system driver type.
If it Select the triggering condition (also retriggering if the repetitions are enabled):
  • is not installed
  • is installed
  • is running
  • is not running
  • is disabled

Enable triggering only upon a change in the status of a service:
  • just started
  • just restarted
  • just paused
  • just resumed
  • just stopped
Service infoShows the current status of a service, for example:
  • The service "MSSQLSERVER" is currently running.
  • The "Cryptographic Service" is currently stopped.

The tooltip displays extended service information in real-time.
YouTube video · Auto-restart Windows services


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Service Monitor. Fetch the service name variable, its executable, display name, and current status of the service that triggered the workflow execution. The information event indicates which service was monitored and what event occurred, while warning and error events display details of problems when they arise.


  • All triggering conditions that start with is and is not can be set to retrigger after a predefined period of time. Moreover, some of these conditions are subsets of other conditions, for instance, if a service is running it also satisfies the condition is installed.
  • All triggering conditions that start with just fire up a workflow when the status of a service changes from one state to another, for example, when a running service stops, or vice versa.

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