Amazon S3 Watcher

Automation Workshop features a remote file monitoring module called Amazon S3 Watcher. It scans a folder in AWS S3 bucket for file changes. It does not require AWS Transfer for SFTP Service to be enabled in AWS Console, however it is possible to monitor such Amazon Simple Storage Service that has SFTP Service enabled using SFTP Watcher.

Amazon S3 Watcher can launch a Task when a file or folder is created, modified, deleted in the remote bucket. It can also watch for number of files in the folder, and look when a file reaches certain size limit. File mask filter allows to monitor for selected file types or files with specific names.

Amazon S3 Watcher Trigger is part of Windows Automation solution called Automation Workshop. It allows monitoring AWS S3 on your premises without depending on online services (self-hosted solution). Automation Workshop comes with more than hundred Actions, that can do various tasks on your files, such as, download or upload file, synchronize whole directory trees, compress files, send emails, and much more.

Features & highlights

  • Watch files and folders for modifications on a remote Amazon S3 server.
  • Monitor when new files are created in AWS S3 bucket.
  • Trigger on file events like file modified or file deleted.
  • Auto-reconnect mechanism ensures stable data transfers even in case of dropped connections.
  • Scan a folder or bucket for total number of files and launch a task when the count is reached.
  • Monitor for file size to reach the defined amount.
  • Watch for any file event on Amazon S3 storage, or on Amazon cold storage service Glacier.
  • Easy to use user interface with very short learning curve.
  • Allows actively monitor an AWS S3 folder in the S3 bucket, and download or upload files, all without knowledge of AWS CLI, Lambda or other scripting.

Usage examples


  • Directory · Watch remote Amazon S3 storage for changes in files and directories.
  • Conditions · Select what kind of changes to watch for, such as, new files, new and existing files, deleted files or modified files. Also, watch for large files or the number of files in the directory.
  • Options · Set how often Amazon S3 Watcher will check files or folders in the remote Amazon Simple Storage Service server.




Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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