Task Scheduler

While Task Scheduler is primarily used to trigger some Action which, then, would do all the work, sometimes it is also necessary to provide that Action with information that Task Scheduler can provide. Namely, instead of configuring Action to use current system time value, Action can get the following values from Task Scheduler: Actual Task execution time, Planned Task execution time or Next execution time.

Variable Wizard - Task Scheduler

Variable Wizard gathers data from Task Scheduler and allows using it as parameters in Actions.

Actual execution date and timeReturns Actual execution date and time. If system is down at planned triggering time, Task is executed immediately when it comes back online (if specified in Advanced options). In such scenario actual execution time may differ from planned one.
Planned execution date and timeReturns the date and time when Task was supposed to execute (as specified in Task Scheduler settings).
Next execution date and timeReturns the date and time value of next planned execution.

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