Execute script Action

Some JScript, VBScript, PowerShell and batch file scripts are not merely running commands, but also provide some screen output. After Execute script Action completes, the screen output of executed scripts are retrievable as dynamic values via Variable Wizard. These dynamic values can then be used in any subsequent Action as a parameter specifying its operations.

Variable Wizard - Execute script Action

Variable Wizard retrieves the following dynamic values from the Execute script Action:

First output lineReturns the first line of screen output generated by the script.
Second lineReturns the second line of script's screen output.
Third lineReturns the third line of script's output.
4th lineReturns the fourth line of script's screen output.
5th lineReturns the fifth line of script's output.
6th lineReturns the sixth line of script's output.
All linesReturns entire screen output generated by the executed script.
Action completion statusThe value that indicates whether the script execution was successfully started or failed.

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