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Disable Task

Automation Workshop includes the Disable Task Action that can effectively become a part of your automatic Task management system (together with Enable Task and Toggle Task Action). Disable Task Action can automatically disable specified Task or even a group of Tasks which, upon disabling, do not anymore start automatically · Disable API

Disabled Tasks do not start automatically, the Triggers do not fire. For example, the Task Scheduler Trigger is not scheduling Tasks, the FTP Watcher Trigger is not connecting to a remote server, and so on. However, disabled Tasks can still be started manually, or by other Action, such as Start Task.


  • Task · Select single or multiple Tasks to be disabled by the Disable Task Action.
  • Options · Define the behavior for when a Task is already disabled.


  • Disable Task integration—Variables (manipulate data dynamically within a workflow) and Events (recorded entries that detail the activity within the system).
  • Effortlessly streamline your automation processes by visually connecting your workflow using Variable Wizard—a powerful tool to access all 1,000+ variables—system, network, Triggers, Actions, globals, web, and much more…

Quick access

To streamline your workflow creation, you can locate the Disable Task Action throughout the entire Automation suite's search tools—including the knowledge base, menu, and Add Action feature—using quick shortcuts like «DIS» or «DT».

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Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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