Specify the text string, dynamic value or file content to process by the Find and Replace Text Action. Indicate what to look for and what to replace it with, and return as new replaced text string.

Text string Specify the text string or dynamic value in which to search for specific text.
Find what Specify what text to look for in the text string. Supports regular expression search.
Replace with Specify the text with which to replace the found text when saving a new text string in a Variable Wizard value.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse Variable Wizard for advanced data input, such as taking a parameter from file, connected Trigger, or other Action, etc.

RegEx replace example

RegEx Details
Text string Invoice for 129, exluding tax 20. 149 total.
Find what \d+
Replace with USD $0
Result Invoice for USD 129, exluding tax USD 20. USD 149 total.

RegEx replace more

RegEx Details
Text string "US","John","email@example.com","ID2047"
Find what "(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","ID(.*)"
Replace with Order #$4 by $2 from $1 using $3 address.
Result Order #2047 by John from US using email@example.com address.

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