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Start Task

Automation Workshop includes the Start Task Action—a powerful tool that can handle Tasks and even groups of Tasks, automatically running them as necessary (even if they do not have their own Triggers) · Start Task API

This Action allows a user to design complex scenarios where multiple Tasks are linked in various ways, making very flexible automated configurations easy to deploy.

Features & highlights

  • Automatically launch single or multiple Tasks.
  • Options to start Task immediately or with a delay.
  • Limit a maximum time the started Task can be run before stopping it.
  • When creating very complex automation scenarios with multiple Triggers and many Actions, the Start Task Action allows creating a modular design, by splitting a couple of complex Tasks into many smaller ones, that are more easily maintainable in a long run.


  • Task · Enter the Task or group of Task to be started by the Start Task Action.
  • Parameters · Provide multiple Task parameters that started Tasks will be able to retrieve from the Start Task Action using the Variable Wizard.
  • Options · Define how to interact with the started Tasks.
  • Advanced · Set additional Task execution options.


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