Overview of Unzip files Action

Automation Workshop includes Unzip files Action, that allows automatic file extraction from variety of archive types to specified location. Action supports variables, extraction of multi-volume archives, Unicode filenames, decryption of files encrypted with secure AES 256-bit algorithm. Specific files can be extracted from archive by using file masks.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically unzip files to specified folder. Zip, Tar, Tar.gz, Tar.bz2, gz and bz2 archive formats supported.
  • Unzip large and multi-volume archives containing files with Unicode names.
  • Decrypt files in archives encrypted with AES-256, AES-128 and Zip 2.0 encryption standard.
Usage examples:
  • Unzip files automatically when they appear in monitored local folder or network drive.
  • Unzip files to test data integrity, and automatically send archive over email, if no errors are experienced.
  • Automatically deploy files received in archives.
  • Uncompress particular set of files from very large archives without extracting all archive contents.

Unzip files

Action propertiesDetails
ArchiveSpecify the archive file to decompress, destination folder and archive type.
OptionsSpecify which files will be extracted, archive password and choose whether to replace existing files and recreate the original folder structure.
ErrorsChoose errors that lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorSet the number of retries performed upon Action error; specify report email From and To addresses, run a different Task, switch to another Action of the same Task or stop the Task entirely.
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