Overview of If Action

Automation Workshop includes If Action, that allows conditional branching in a Task. Depending on whether or not the specified conditions are met, the Task may continue with one or another set of Actions. Typically a variable is compared against some fixed value or another variable.

Features & highlights:
  • Allows comparing specified conditions to decide the further course of action the Task takes.
  • Decisions can be based on data retrieved from Triggers and Actions.
  • Evaluate data using regular expressions to take proactively approach to system management.
  • Allows comparing two sets of variables joined with either logical AND or logical OR.
  • Can be supplemented with the Else Action which runs when specified conditions are not met.
Usage examples:


Action propertiesDetails
CompareSpecify the criteria to check for being true or false.
OptionsChoose between data compare formats. Default is Auto detect.
ErrorsChoose errors that initiate the On error procedures.
On ErrorChoose operations to be performed when Action experiences error.
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