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Automation Workshop includes the If Action that allows conditional branching in a Task. Depending on whether or not the specified conditions are met, the Task may continue with one or another set of Actions. Typically a variable is compared against some fixed value or another variable.

Features & highlights

  • Allows comparing predefined conditions to decide the further course of action the scheduled Task takes.
  • Supports the following conditions—equal, greater, less, starts with, ends with, contains, longer, shorter, empty, contains only these characters, and even more comparison options.
  • Allows comparing two sets of variables joined with either a logical AND or logical OR.
  • Evaluate data using regular expressions to take a proactive approach to system management.
  • Decisions can be based on data that are dynamically retrieved from Triggers and Actions.
  • To differentiate a workflow when the condition is not met, use the Else Action. It performs an alternative flow—another subset of Actions.
YouTube video · Conditional logic using If…Else flow

Usage examples

  • Using the If Action, determine if today's date is odd or even. On the odd days backup a server files to the Amazon S3 Cloud Storage, and on the even days—upload to the Google Cloud.
  • If a file name begins with a word report, send email as an important reminder.
  • Use If Action to check/validate different pieces of file information.
  • Alter the control flow based on a filename, file count, file size, domain part of email address, anything you can imagine.
  • Verify values for matching. Conditionally execute different sets of Actions.
  • List .xlsx files in a folder. If the number of files is greater than 10 then send them as attachments in a single compressed archive.
  • Validate user input—credit card numbers, date/time formats, and email addresses using the built-in regex compare option: Contains regular expression.


  • Compare · Define the criteria to check for being true or false.
  • Options · Choose between data compare formats. Default is Auto detect.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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