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The Connect to Amazon S3 Action establishes a connection with a remote Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) server.

After the Connect to Amazon S3 Action is completed, the information on its operations is temporarily stored in dynamic variables that can be retrieved by any other Action within the same Task via Variable Wizard. For example, these variables can be saved as text by Write to File Action, emailed to admin by Send Email Action or used as dynamic parameters in other Actions.

Server name Returns the Amazon S3 server name.
  • s3.amazonaws.com
  • s3.sa-east-1.amazonaws.com
  • s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com
  • s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com/my-bucket
  • bucket.region.amazonaws.com
Completion statusRetrieve Action execution status with a possible value—Successful or Failed. Or Empty, if Action has not been executed yet.
Adjust*Streamline creation of Task workflows even further—instantly make quick variable adjustments such as in-place replacement (all, first, or last occurrence), trimming (whitespaces, quotes, etc.), or changing capitalization. Optionally, set a different display name.

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