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Overview of Amazon S3 Watcher. The Amazon S3 Watcher monitors file and folder changes in a remote directory on Amazon Simple Storage Service server. Amazon S3 Watcher relies on the Connect to Amazon S3 Action that establishes connection with the Amazon S3 server via Amazon SFTP.

The only requirement is internet connection. AWS Transfer for SFTP option is not required, but it can be used with built-in SFTP Watcher.

Directory to watch The path to directory on Amazon S3 server in which file or folder changes will be monitored · See return values
Include mask If other than *.* wildcard, only files and directories that match file mask will be monitored for changes. Multiple, pipe-separated file masks are supported · Learn file masks and wildcards
Also, watch in subdirectories Amazon S3 Watcher will monitor for changes not only in specified directory, but also in its subdirectories.
Monitor files Watch for new, existing, modified and deleted files.
Monitor directories Watch for new, existing, modified and deleted directories.
Use connection Amazon S3 Watcher relies on the Connect to Amazon S3 Action to establish connection with Amazon S3 server. If multiple Connect to Amazon S3 Actions are used in the Task, user can choose which connection will be used to watch for file and directory changes.
Advanced Choose advanced connection settings to select Actions to perform before connecting to Amazon S3 server to monitor remote files and directories.


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Amazon S3 Watcher. Retrieve filenames and all path details from the monitored cloud storage location that triggered the Task execution. Additionally, log all events related to connecting and triggering with a cloud service provider (AWS), including detailed information about both successful and failed events.

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