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The Separator Action does not perform any operations, but can be placed among all other Actions to visually separate (indent) a Task workflow into multiple logical blocks.

Color shade Choose from the list of available color tones:
  •   Mojo · Red
  •   Patina · Green
  •   Endeavor · Blue
  •   Cornflower · Light blue
  •   Lavender · Purple
  •   Anzac · Orange
  •   Dandelion · Yellow
  •   Whisper · Almost white
  •   Chalice · Light gray
  •   Tundora · Gray
  •   Licorice · Black
Note An optional note that reminds important Task details.
YouTube video · Auto-capture enclosed text


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Separator. Access the user-provided note for the separator. This Action does not record any events in the log.

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