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The provided list features all software downloads for 32 and 64-bit Windows versions. 32-bit software is available in Windows installer, Setup.exe and zipped file format. Windows installer supports silent installation through Active Directory Group Policy.

You can also visit 32-bit and 64-bit software version downloads.

Note that 32-bit Automation Workshop and Command line email applications, when installed on 64-bit Windows machines, are executed using WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) translation layer.

Product32-bit64-bit .MSIOrdering
Automation now!
Command line now!

Febooti download packages are provided both as consolidated 32 and 64-bit .exe installers (also packed in .zip archives) and as separated 32 and 64-bit .msi installers.

Product32 & 64-bit32-bit .MSI64-bit .MSIOrdering
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