The Delete Remote File Action deletes files in a directory on a remote server.

After the Delete Remote File Action is completed, the information on its operations is temporarily stored in dynamic variables that can be retrieved by any other Action within the same Task via Variable Wizard.

For example, these variables can be saved as text by Write to File Action, emailed to admin by Send Email Action or used as dynamic parameters in other Actions.

Last file Returns the full path and name of last deleted file.
List of deleted files Returns the list of deleted files. Depends on connection protocol used, while WebDAV usually returns empty list.
Number of deleted files Returns the number of deleted files.
Completion statusRetrieve Action execution status with a possible value—Successful or Failed. Or None, if Action has not been executed yet.

Automatic list processing…

The Delete Remote File variables returned as lists (even multi-level) can be automatically processed in further Actions. Use the For Each Action to parse a given text string (any list variable) and sequentially retrieve its elements one by one · list processing examples

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