Overview of Send email Action

Automation Workshop includes Send email Action - a full featured mail tool for all your email sending needs. For flexible automatic email sending, specify parameters using dynamic or fixed values, as well as variables provided by Trigger or other Action.

Features & highlights:
  • Task specific secure SMTP server selection with SSL and TLS encryption to provide maximum security.
  • A wide range of authentication types (NTLM, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN and PLAIN) with automatic authentication selection.
  • Flexible email composing with Unicode encoding, format (Plain text, HTML or EML) and email confirmation options.
  • Powerful and feature-rich file attachment management with file mask / wildcard support.
  • Effective and easy message verification with advanced logging options.
Usage examples:
  • Schedule recurring / automatic mail jobs at specified date and time.
  • Send scheduled emails every few minutes, hours, days or months (with exclude filters).
  • Set a schedule and recurrence for automatic emailing on a pre-setup schedule basis.
  • Send custom emails upon any changes (new, modified, deleted) in monitored folders on a local or network drives.

Send email

Action propertiesDetails
EmailSpecify From, To, Subject, Email text and Attachment fields.
AttachmentsManage additional attachments in easy way.
HeadersProvide carbon copy and blind carbon copy recipients; specify Reply to address; set organization and configure custom email headers.
ServerChoose either default SMTP server or configure parameters for Task specific one.
AdvancedEnable client / server communication logging; choose .EML file creation instead of direct sending and specify alternate text for HTML incapable email clients.
OptionsChoose message format (plain text, HTML, EML), set confirmation options, individual email sending to multiple recipients as well as email verification and preparation between sending.
ErrorsChoose errors that lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorConfigure operations to be performed when Send email Action encounters an error. Available operations include retrying the Action, sending email report, running another task and continuing with next Action or stopping the Task.
Send Email
Send Email
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