Get file information Action

After retrieving file size, attributes and owner, the Get file information Action stores them as a Variable Wizard dynamic values that can be automatically retrieved by other Actions in the same Task.

Variable Wizard - Get file information Action

The Variable Wizard can retrieve the following values from the Get file information Action:

Last fileReturns the name of the file whose information was retrieved.
SizeReturns file size in bytes.
Size formattedReturns file size formatted with commas as thousands separator.
AttributesReturns the file attributes in short format where each attribute is represented by a single letter. Full attribute list is:
RAHSCEIO. Missing attributes are represented by a dash character. E.g. a typical return value is RA-SE---.
Attribute namesReturns the list of file attributes separated by pipe character. Full list of supported attributes is Read only | Archive | Hidden | System | Encrypted | Compressed | Not indexed | Offline. Missing file attributes are skipped.
OwnerReturns file owner.
Action completion statusReturns a value that indicates whether the Get file information Action completed successfully or failed.

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