Toggle task Action

In the Tasks with multiple Actions, the output values of already performed Actions can be used to provide subsequent Actions with input parameters to determine their operations. After enabling the disabled Tasks and vice versa, relevant data values concerning the execution of Toggle task Action are made accessible through Variable Wizard.

Variable Wizard - Toggle task Action

Variable Wizard gathers the following data from Toggle task Action:

Last Task nameReturns the name of the last toggled Task.
New Task stateReturns the list of statuses (i.e., Enabled or Disabled) after toggling (changing state from enabled to disabled and vice versa) for all involved Tasks. The order of statuses corresponds to the order of Tasks returned by List of toggled Tasks variable.
List of toggled TasksReturns the list of Tasks and their location that were toggled upon execution of Toggle Task Action. Tasks are listed in order of toggling.
Number of toggled TasksReturns the numeric value indicating how many Tasks were toggled.
Action completion statusReturns Successful or Failed depending on whether Toggle Task Action has succeeded to toggle all specified Tasks.

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