Automation Triggers

What are Triggers? Triggers are predefined sets of Task activation conditions. Automation Workshop runs the Task, whenever there is a state in the system that is described in Trigger configuration. Task is executed by sequentially performing set of user predefined Actions (such as Send email, Run Application, Copy / Move / Rename / Delete files, etc).

Setting up a Trigger is the first step in building a Task. Clicking Add Trigger button in Triggers tab (either in Task Wizard or Task properties) opens a list of available Triggers. Confirm selection of the Trigger to open its configuration window.

All the available Triggers are listed below:

File / folder watcher

File / Folder Watcher

Trigger that monitors changes (e.g. creation, deletion, modification or renaming of files or folders) in specified location of file system. It features multiple filters (include and exclude wildcards and attributes), and advanced options to provide user with efficient file management when performing file monitoring. Local drives and network shares are supported.

File / Folder Watcher Trigger · Overview · Variables · Events

Task scheduler

Task Scheduler

Trigger that executes Task at predefined date and time. Features advanced options for setting up Task recurrences that can be based both on fixed time intervals and various patterns (e.g. particular dates, weekdays, weeks, months). Exclusion filter makes possible skipping Task execution on specified months, days, weekdays and custom hours and minutes.

Task Scheduler Trigger · Overview · Variables · Events

User logon / logoff

User Logon / Logoff

Trigger that executes Task upon user logon or logoff. The Trigger can be configured to activate upon login or logoff of a particular user, one of multiple specified users or even any of users. On login condition, it is possible to preprocess and prepare user environment. Contrary, at the user logoff event, it is possible to post process and save user environment for the later use.

User Logon / Logoff Trigger · Overview · Variables · Events

System startup / shutdown

System Startup / Shutdown

Trigger that monitors for startup or shutdown of Microsoft Windows, Automation Workshop service or Automation Workshop manager. If Windows is being shutdown, it is still possible to quickly perform some Task before Automation Workshop becomes inactive. On the Windows or service start-up, it is possible to prepare data and setup work conditions and environment.

System Startup / Shutdown Trigger · Overview · Variables · Events

Manual run

Manual Run

Automation Workshop can be used as effective batch file replacement tool. Even if automatic Task execution is not required, it provides user with powerful means to process files and folders, send secure simple text or HTML emails and perform other Tasks by manual execution. Manual Run can be used both for running a Task without specified Triggers and for running a Task without Trigger activation.

Run As settings explained · Getting started

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