Overview of List files Action

Automation Workshop includes List files Action, that retrieves the contents of the specified folder. The list can contain files, folders or both. When retrieved the list is stored into the dynamic value (variable) which can be used as a parameter in other Actions.

Note that some Actions accept only files or folders as their input. Configure the List files Action appropriately to couple it with the Action which will use the list created.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically create a list of files and directories in a specified folder.
  • Choose the format of file list entries: from comma-separated values to separate lines.
  • Advanced include and exclude filters and sorting options allow listing exactly the files needed.
  • Full Unicode support in file and folder names.
Usage examples:
  • Automatically list 10 oldest files in the folder. Or any number of newest, biggest, smallest or other files.
  • Create a list of directory contents to send it over email.
  • Perform batch operations with particular type of files.
  • Automatically generate a set of files or folders and sequentially perform operations only with these files even if the specified folder is later supplemented with other files matching the specified criteria.

List files

Action propertiesDetails
FilesSpecify the folder which contents will be listed as well as file / folder names to be included in the list.
SortChoose multiple level list sorting options as well as the list size and skipping of list entries.
SizeSpecify the minimum and maximum size of files to be included in the list.
FilterChoose whether to exclude files and folders based on their name or creation, modification dates.
AttributesInclude and exclude files and folder depending on their attributes.
AdvancedSpecify list entry separator and choose whether to add custom text before and after each file and folder name.
OptionsChoose whether to list files, folders or both. Select list entry format. Specify whether to list only the selected folder or also its subfolders.
ErrorsChoose errors that lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorConfigure operations to be performed when List files Action encounters an error. Available operations include retrying the Action, sending email report, running another task and continuing with next Action or stopping the Task.
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