Open file dialog Action

Upon completion, the Open file dialog Action can output some data that can be used as input for specifying parameters of subsequent Actions. Open file dialog Action opens a open file dialog window which requires user to specify path and filename. The following Actions can be configured to perform operations with specified file which in contrary to predetermined file can always vary depending on user choice.

Variable Wizard - Open file dialog Action

Variable Wizard collects the following variable values from Open file dialog Action:

Full path and filenameReturns full path and name of the file specified by user in the open file dialog window.
Folder onlyReturns the folder in which the user-specified file is located.
Filename onlyReturns the name of the user-specified file without path.
Button selectedReturns the name of the button which was pressed in the open file dialog window.
Dialog titleReturns the title of the open file dialog window.
Action completion statusReturns completion status value of Open file dialog Action (usually, Successful or Failed).

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