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Variable Wizard

Variable Wizard is a powerful visual tool that provides options to set advanced input when configuring Actions. In addition to fixed values, allows using parameters that can be taken from external files, Triggers, or system related information · Variable Wizard explained

An Action or Trigger, when executed, performs its operations based on provided settings. While for some tasks fixed parameters can be specified, others require more flexible approach when providing values relative to current system state or changing task specifics.



Logic Actions include Compare and Flow categories that allow using conditional branching, labels and redirection operators to create non-linear Action sequences in Tasks. With these redirector Actions it is possible to build decision algorithm in the workflow which allows differentiating between different conditions.



Workshop Actions provide automated Task management, by allowing the Task to automatically enable or disable itself and other Tasks.

Variable Wizard provides various system-specific parameters as well as file-based settings as input values for Actions.

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Variable Wizard connects Actions and Triggers visually…


  • If the Trigger or Action has not been executed at the moment when Variable Wizard tries to provide variable value, an empty value is returned.
  • To open Variable Wizard, press F2 key in input fields. If a field already contains some Variable Wizard value, F2 key allows editing its parameters.
  • To adjust Variable Wizard layout, use quick Settings.

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