Variable Wizard

Variable Wizard

Variable Wizard is a powerful visual tool that provides options to specify advanced input when configuring Actions. In addition to fixed values Variable Wizard enables using parameters that can be taken from specified file, associated Triggers, other Actions or system related information. (Learn more - Variable Wizard explained).

Variable Wizard main window

Tip: it is possible to open Variable Wizard by pressing F2 in input fields. If a field already contains some Variable Wizard value, F2 key allows editing its parameters. Also, it is possible to adjust Variable Wizard layout, using quick Settings.

Variable Wizard connects Actions and Triggers visually…

An Action, when executed, performs its operations based on provided settings. While for some tasks fixed parameters can be specified, others require more flexible approach when providing values relative to current system state or changing task specifics.

  • Send email - returns address of the sender or recipient, subject field.
File / Folder · Overview
  • Copy file - returns both original and new path and filenames of copied files.
  • Move file - returns original and new filename.
  • Delete file - returns the names of files that were deleted.
  • Rename file - returns filenames of old and new files.
  • Write to file - returns the name of file that was written to and the amount of data in bytes.
  • Read from file - returns the data retrieved and the name of file that was read.
  • List files - returns the list of files / folders that have matched the search criteria.
  • Compute file checksum - returns file cryptographic checksum in most popular formats, e.g. SHA-512, CRC32, MD5.
  • Get file information - returns essential file information, e.g. file size, attributes and owner and more.
  • Get date and time - returns file creation, modification and last access date and time.
  • Set date and time - returns the file and folder names whose dates and times were set.
  • Set attributes - returns the file names whose attributes were set.
  • Split file path - returns the key components of path such as drive letter, folders, file and extension.
Folder · Overview
  • Zip files - returns archive name and the list of compressed files.
  • Unzip files - returns archive name and the list of files extracted from it.
  • Zip archive information - returns various information on the archive and its contents.
  • Wait - returns values that indicate for how long the Action has paused.
  • Wait for time - returns the time when delay has ended and action completion status.
  • Wait for file - returns the name of the file which triggered the end of delay.
  • Print file - returns the full path and filename of the document requested to be printed.

Logic Actions include Compare and Flow categories that allow using conditional branching, labels and redirection operators to create non-linear Action sequences in Tasks. With these redirector Actions it is possible to build decision algorithm in the workflow which allows differentiating between different conditions.

  • If - returns what variables were compared, in what way and whether they matched.
  • If file - returns whether a file exists and if it was expected.
  • If folder - returns whether a folder exists and if it was expected.
  • Else - returns no Variable Wizard dynamic values.
  • For each - returns information on parsed items, their values, number, separator and more.
  • Loop - returns information on loop cycle, number of cycles, loop values and more.
  • Label - returns label name and notes.
  • Go to - returns the label to which the workflow was redirected.
Text · Overview
  • Find and replace text - returns original text, new text and number of replacements made.
  • Find text - returns original text string, found text list and the number of found elements.
  • Extract partial text - returns original text, extracted text string and its length.
  • Split text - returns a split text string tokens element by element.
  • Merge text - returns a text string merged from various text and variable parts.
  • Trim text - returns trimmed text string, its length and original text.
  • Pad text - returns padded text string, its length and original text.
  • Change text case - returns a capitalized text string and original text.
  • Get text length - returns the length in characters of a text string.
  • Convert list - returns a new list with converted delimiters and number of items in it.
  • Comment - returns subject and text fields of the comment.

Workshop Actions provide automated Task management, by allowing the Task to automatically enable or disable itself and other Tasks.

  • Enable task - provides values that indicate which Tasks have been enabled.
  • Disable task - returns values that indicate which Tasks have been disabled.
  • Toggle task - retrieve data on Tasks that have been switched from enabled to disabled and vice versa.

Variable Wizard provides various system-specific parameters as well as file-based settings as input values for Actions.

System and automation values
  • File - allows specifying preformatted files content to provide input parameters.
  • Date / Time
    • Date - current date.
    • Time - current time.
    • Date / Time component - returns date and time essential constituents, such as year, day or minute, etc.
    • Presets - returns date and time value in one of the most common formats.
  • Random
  • Network
  • System
    • Computer - computer name, description and domain name.
    • Folders - location of system folders such as Windows folder, System folder, Program Files and Temp folder.
    • Windows - Windows full name and version number.
  • Automation Workshop
    • Queue - returns lists of Tasks that are currently running, queued for future execution or recently finished.
    • Service - Automation Workshop full name, version, current user name and service uptime.
    • Settings - Location of Task and Log file folders.
    • Task properties - Task name, location, description and start-up folder.
    • Task parameters - parameters passed to the Task.

Note: if the Triggers or Actions has not been executed at the moment when Variable Wizard tries to provide variable value, an empty value is returned.

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