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Service (Internal category in Variable Wizard) returns Automation Workshop full name and version number as well as current Service uptime and user name whose credentials are used to execute the Task.

Service uptime Returns amount of time that has passed since starting the Service.
  • 20:48:34
  • 1 day 00:40:07
  • 72 days 11:46:21
Full name Returns Febooti Automation Workshop full name.
  • Febooti Automation Workshop
Version Returns version number of currently installed Automation Workshop.
Current user name Returns username for Windows account whose credentials are used to execute the Task.
  • John
  • Administrator
Adjust()Streamline creation of Task workflows even further—instantly make quick variable adjustments such as in-place replacement (all, first, or last occurrence), trimming (whitespaces, quotes, etc.), or changing capitalization. Optionally, set a different display name.

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