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Variable Wizard is a powerful visual tool that provides options to specify advanced input when configuring Actions. Settings allows adjusting the Variable Wizard to conveniently design Task workflows.

Layout width Set Variable Wizard window width size:
  • Compact · smaller width for simpler Tasks.
  • Wide · medium width.
  • Wider · wider window that fits more complex workflow designs.
  • Widest · the widest Variable Wizard size for large monitors.
Height Set window height:
  • Compact · minimal height.
  • Tall · medium height.
  • Taller · maximum vertical workspace canvas.
  • Auto · seamlessly follows the UI height while editing Task in the Maximized view mode.

To open a slightly taller window (than the selected height preset), hold down CTRL+SHIFT keys while opening the Variable Wizard.
Action variables Choose how Action variables are displayed:
  • Simplified · only essential variables are shown.
  • Extended · all variables are shown, including the Completion status variable.
Adjusted variables cue Choose a display style of the cue for variables that are modified using the quick in-place variable adjustments feature:
  • Variable* · shows that a variable is modified.
  • Variable() · another way to show that a variable is modified.
  • Variable(RT) · lists all variable adjustments in parentheses.
  • Variable.R.T · uses dotted notation to list all adjustments.

Once a variable is renamed (using the custom display name feature), the cue is not shown. If necessary, just add your own cue manually.

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