Time (Date / Time category in Variable Wizard) retrieves current time value in specified format. Using the Time variable can be useful to create or operate with files that contain time value in their name. Variable Wizard can easily retrieve current time in various formats.

Variable Wizard - Time
SeparatorSpecifies the character which is used to separate hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Default - default separation scheme - dots (for milliseconds) and colons.
  • : (Colon) - separates time units with colon character.
  • . (Dot) - separates time units with dot character.
  • - (Dash) - separates time units with dash character.
  • None - returns continuous time value without separators.
Add leading zeroIndicates that leading zero is added to hour value if it contains only one digit.
24 hour timeSpecifies that 24 hour format will be used.
Include secondsAdds seconds value to time format.
Include milisecondsAdds milliseconds value for very precise time retrieval.
Add am/pmAdds AM / PM suffix to time value.
Universal time (UTC)Specifies that universal time (UTC) value will be returned instead of local time.
AdjustReturns adjusted time generated by adding or removing the specified number of days, hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds.
PreviewShows format of time generated on basis of selected options.
Time unitsTime unitsAllows precise specifying of time periods in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days.

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