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Currencies (Characters category in Variable Wizard) allows you to insert the most popular currency and crypto-currency symbols into input fields. Most of the currency symbols are encoded using the Unicode UTF-8 character set.

This feature is particularly useful when you need to enter a particular currency character into a field, but your keyboard lacks that symbol.

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Dollar $ A currency symbol for the dollar sign. It is used as a currency symbol in the United States (USD), Canada, Australia, and many others.

Unicode: U+24

Cent ¢ The cent sign (usually represents 1/100 of one dollar).

Unicode: U+A2

Euro The Euro sign is a currency symbol for the euro currency (EUR). The Euro is used as currency in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and many more countries.

Unicode: U+20AC

Pound £ The pound sign is a widely recognized symbol for the Pound sterling (GBP) in the United Kingdom.

Unicode: U+A3

Yen ¥ Currency sign used for Japanese yen and Chinese yuan.

Unicode: U+A5

Rupee Currency sign used for Indian rupee.

Unicode: U+20B9

Unspecified currency ¤ Currency sign used to denote a generic currency symbol.

Unicode: U+A4

AdjustMake quick variable adjustments by setting a different display name.

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Baht ฿ Currency symbol for Thai baht.

Unicode: U+0E3F

Lira Currency symbol for Turkish lira.

Unicode: U+20BA

Peso Currency symbol for Philippine peso.

Unicode: U+20B1

Ruble Currency symbol for Russian ruble.

Unicode: U+20BD

Shekel Currency symbol for Israeli new shekel.

Unicode: U+20AA

Won Currency symbol for South Korean won.

Unicode: U+20A9


Bitcoin A symbol for the Bitcoin decentralized digital currency (BTC).

Unicode: U+20BF

Ethereum Ξ A symbol for Ethereum crypto-currency (ETH).

Unicode: U+039E

Tether A symbol for Tether crypto-currency (USDT).

Unicode: U+20AE

Cardano A symbol for Cardano crypto-currency (ADA).

Unicode: U+20B3

Dogecoin Ð A symbol for Dogecoin crypto-currency (DOGE).

Unicode: U+D0

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