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Thomas UnderwoodBy Thomas Underwood 🕤 Published on March 22, 2021 at 9:30 am

Automate Windows Tasks

An easy-to-use point and click software for Windows Server or Windows 11 task automation. No coding skills are required to create task automation bots.

Save time and start automating tasks for free! Automation Workshop comes with more than a 100+ different Actions and Triggers to automate any process in Windows. Software bots work 24/7 and do not take vacations, so why are you still doing repetitive tasks manually?

Watch a video

See how easy it is to automate a task in Windows in a quick demo! Automation Workshop is a no-code app to optimize your workflows · Explore more demo videos

YouTube video · Watch folder & automatically email files

Automate repetitive tasks

If you use a computer daily, you perform the same tasks repeatedly. Automating some of these tasks can save you time. Make your day more productive!

Automated Task with Actions workflow
More than 100 Actions

Actions are ready-to-use building blocks for your tasks. Each action performs one operation, such as email sending, file copying, or directory synchronizing.

Automated Triggers to launch Tasks

You can launch a Task manually or use a Trigger that will start the Task on Schedule or when a new file is added to a folder or your server. See more ways to start a Task.

Windows Automation Software

There is no need to learn new skills. Automation Workshop has an easy-to-use graphical user interface to automate actions in Windows.

Visual automation tools

There is no need to use the complex VBScript or PowerShell scripts. You don't have to learn the Python programming language to start automating immediately.

Variable Wizard showing various filename and path types
Task Wizard

The Task Wizard is a GUI tool that guides you through all the steps necessary for creating automated tasks. Its power lies in its simplicity.

Connect Actions with the Variable Wizard

To substitute template values, we have created the Variable Wizard. It allows passing filenames, email addresses, date/time, system information, and other variables through the Task automagically.

All your Tasks at a glance

The Task Finder allows you to quickly search or filter your Tasks by their properties, or you can use it for an overview of all Tasks and Triggers.

Boring stuff. On auto-pilot!

Automate the tedious, manual, and boring stuff in your business. Our customers have cut time spent on manual tasks by at least 50%.

The most used automation Actions or Flows
Reduce errors

Humans tend to make mistakes when doing boring and repetitive work. Task automation software doesn't get tired and doesn't demand better working conditions.

Reduce costs and save time

Automation enables businesses to cut costs for manual labor. Software robots tend to do their work a lot faster than humans, while also reducing error rates and downtimes.

Return on investment (ROI)

Do you need to do a lot of tasks in a very little time? Automation is a one-time investment that will reduce costs each day—24/7/365.

See real results…

Real users are utilizing Automation Workshop to automate tasks in Windows PCs and Windows Servers. It is the best Windows automation software and has been in the market since 2008. It is evolving rapidly to keep up with the constantly changing IT landscape.

Laurie L., quote about Automation Workshop
We're very pleased with our choice of Automation Workshop. We've expanded our use and rely on it heavily.—Laurie L.

Automation drives business transformation

Get insights from PwC and Gartner on how to improve employee productivity in your business with Automation Workshop.

66% Business leaders are piloting solutions to automate at least one business process  1 
25k Savings of 25,000 hours per year of avoidable rework for an organization with 40 full-time staff  2 
3x Savings from automation are already on pace to exceed its cost in the first year by 300%  3 

Results are based on market research and predictions.

Auditing tools. At hand.

Enjoying the benefits of automation may not be enough. Automation Workshop comes with the best tools in the software industry.

Crucial information from the Operation Manager
Operations Manager

By collecting all the important information about your automated jobs and processes, the Operations Manager ensures that crucial data are always at your fingertips.

Logging, journaling, and tracing

The Log Manager provides you with a complete log-collecting and archiving solution. Some parts of the system allow you to enable additional tracing for debugging purposes.

Tasks flow, priorities, and timing

Queue Manager allows you to monitor queued, running, and finished Tasks. Tasks can run in parallel or sequentially. Smart delays can be fine-tuned.

Save time. Instantly!

Built-in Triggers react to various events to automate repetitive tasks on computers. Automation Workshop acts instantly to schedule, file, and other system changes.

Triggers to start automatic Tasks or Workflows
Scheduled Jobs

The Task Scheduler enables you to launch Tasks at predefined times or specific intervals. Various Wait Actions allow you to wait for a specific time or file.

Watch folders, networks, or FTP

Launch a Task instantly when a file is added to a folder, network, or FTP server. Monitor your cloud storage for new files. Advanced settings allow you to monitor file changes, deletion, size, etc.

Security built-in from the ground up

We support the IT industry standard security protocols—SSL, TLS, SSH for FTP, S3, and email sending. Military grade AES-256 encryption and more.

Software bots. At will.

Save your time by allowing software robots to do all the work. Automation Workshop is Windows task automation software that does not require programming knowledge.

The main window of Automation Workshop showing common operations, a log, folders and Tasks
Unattended Bots or Tasks

Software bots or jobs run unattended 24/7. They do the work even when no one is at the computer. There is no limit on how many bots you can create!

Automate locally or in a cloud

Automation Workshop enables you to automate a local PC or Amazon S3 storage service. Other cloud providers are supported as long as they support a secure FTP protocol.

No code

Building automated tasks previously required some knowledge of scripting or programming. However, Automation Workshop is a no-code automation tool.


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Universally available

Advanced job scheduler—Automation Workshop works flawlessly on all modern 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows versions: Windows 10 · Windows 11 · Server 2016 · Server 2019 · Server 2022.

Older Windows versions (such as Windows 8 and Server 2008) are not "officially" supported but should still work remarkably well. The underlying architecture of Windows is evolving and our apps are crafted to be backward and forward compatible.