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Formatting (Characters category in Variable Wizard) contains symbols that can be used for text formatting in plain text files and emails. They can not be easily entered by standard keyboards.

The formatting symbols can be used in numerous Actions (for example, Execute Script Action) to decorate or prettify the script output.

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Interpunct · The Interpunct character (also known as Middle Dot, Center Dot, or Period Centered) that can not be entered using a keyboard.

Unicode: U+B7

Bullet A regular bullet character. It can be used to format list elements.

Unicode: U+2022

Square A square bullet is alternative to the standard bullet.

Unicode: U+25FE

Circle A larger bullet character (circle). It can be combined with the White circle to create black and white text dashboards.

Unicode: U+25CF

White circle A White bullet (usually shown as an outline) can be used as an alternative to the regular bullet symbol.

Unicode: U+25CB

AdjustMake quick variable adjustments by setting a different display name.


Dash - A regular dash character.

Unicode: U+2D

Non-breaking hyphen A non-breaking hyphen keeps words together.

Unicode: U+2011

En dash The En dash is commonly used to indicate a range of values.

Unicode: U+2013

Em dash The Em dash is longer than En dash—and is used to mark a break in sentences.

Unicode: U+2014

Figure Aligns figures, especially in tabular data, to ensure numbers line up correctly.

Unicode: U+2012

Horizontal bar The Horizontal bar (aka Quotation dash) character is different from the Dash, En dash, and Em dash. It usually introduces quoted text.

Unicode: U+2015


Ellipsis The Ellipsis character consists of 3 dot symbols that occupy space of one Unicode character.

Unicode: U+2026

Inverted interrobang The Inverted interrobang consists of the inverted question and exclamation marks in one Unicode character.

Unicode: U+2E18

Inverted exclamation ¡ The inverted exclamation mark.

Unicode: U+A1

Inverted question ¿ The inverted question mark.

Unicode: U+BF


Pilcrow The Pilcrow character (aka Paragraph mark) is used to mark the start of a paragraph.

Unicode: U+B6

Reversed pilcrow The reversed Pilcrow character.

Unicode: U+204B

Section § The Section character marks the start of a section.

Unicode: U+A7

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