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Variable Wizard is a powerful visual no-code tool that provides options to specify and chain input from other Actions and Triggers. However, sometimes mini adjustments to a variable value are necessary…

Perform quick text manipulation on the variable—Find & Replace, Trim, Change Case for the current variable instance. The variable is modified only where it is inserted. It doesn't affect other instances of the same variables that are located elsewhere in your workflow.

In other words, you can adjust the same variable in multiple locations, and each of the locations can have different adjustments (or none), and individual adjustments do not affect a value of the original or any other adjusted variable.

Add as many variable modifications as necessary—up to 5 adjustments are applied sequentially (one operation after another). Each of the operations automatically use a value of the previous operation and the result is instantly available right there where the variable is used.

Adjust Modify a variable with the selected adjuster.
Besides If necessary, adjust the variable for the 2nd time.
Once more Sometimes the 3rd adjustment is needed.
Additionally And for the 4th time.
Extra Up to 5 adjustments can be applied to a variable.
Display name It is possible to change the auto-generated variable name:
  • Default · use the auto-generated name with the modification cue.
  • Custom · give the variable a custom name to uniquely describe its purpose.
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Make quick (simple and streamlined) variable value adjustments without adding additional Actions. The adjust variable feature allows instant modifications of a variable. When more sophisticated adjustments with the full-feature set are needed, use the corresponding text, list, or variable Actions.

Replace Perform a simple case-sensitive text search and replacement for the currently selected value. In a case-sensitive context, characters are considered different based on their case. For example, A and a are treated as distinct characters. Choose one of the options:
  • Replace · replaces all occurrences.
  • Replace first · replaces only the first matching substring.
  • Replace last · replaces only the last match.
Trim Perform a quick text trimming at the beginning and end of the provided text. Choose from the list of predefined characters, or provide your own—one or multiple symbols to trim.
Case Change text capitalization on any simple or Unicode text in any language that supports uppercase and lowercase letters:
  • UPPERCASE · all text characters are changed to uppercase.
  • lowercase · all characters are changed to lowercase.
  • Title Case · the first letter of each word is changed to uppercase and other letters—to lowercase. It even handles many special cases, like O'Reilly's or O'Sullivan.
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  • The adjusted variables have a cue located on the right side. Configure the adjustment cue style in the Variable Wizard settings.
  • Variables (both Local and Global) allow full adjustments. To keep workflows as simple as possible and to avoid any confusion, no renaming (custom name option) is possible.
  • Character variables (special symbols) can't be adjusted, however, they can be renamed to give them another meaning that matches the context of a workflow.

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