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Workshop, Queue & Log Managers, Service, and Tasks…

Learn awesome facts, tips & tricks to improve your experience with Automation Workshop! Start automating Windows tasks today · Video tutorials


  • Automation Workshop supports an unlimited number of automated Tasks (robots).
  • Automation Workshop easily handles 10,000+ Tasks without any impact on performance.
  • Memory usage per Task (workflow) is around 20-50KB (or even less).
  • Tasks are executed extremely fast—with millisecond precision.
  • Execute any Task with any user credentials—currently logged in, SYSTEM or specified.
  • Did you know that Tasks can be started from Desktop shortcut, Tray Icon, or Command line using API?

Triggers & Actions

  • Automation Workshop supports an unlimited number of Triggers and Actions.
  • Trigger Manager · locate Triggers by their current (and scheduled) activation conditions.
  • Triggers · define when to run a Task.
  • Actions · define what a Task does.
  • All file & folder Actions support Unicode filenames and 30,000+ characters long path.
  • Variable Wizard · basics of creating Trigger-Action and Action-Action connections.

File Watchers



  • Send Email Action supports an unlimited number of attachments, via SSL or TLS.
  • Authenticate with PLAIN, LOGIN, NTLM, CRAM-MD5 methods or use AUTO detect—intelligently detect the authentication method and seamlessly initiates the most secure communication session possible · See popular SMTP settings.
  • Automatically send an email reports on Task successful or failed completion.


  • Virtually unlimited length of variable names.
  • Human-readable variable names that can contain spaces and Unicode characters.
  • Access both current and previous variable values.
  • Global Variables · effortlessly overview, manage, and edit all variables and constants. Incorporate persistent variables in your workflows by using the Modify Global Variable Action to adjust them on the fly.


  • Once set up, Automation Workshop runs fully unattended in background as Windows Service, without requiring user to log in. Designed with energy efficiency in mind and is perfectly suitable for all platforms from servers to laptops.
  • Service overview · Automation Workshop Service that executes automated operations.
  • Service options · configure the Service, the core of automation operations.
  • Log Manager · provides detailed operation reports with filtering and sorting options.
  • Notification area icon · interactive status in Taskbar.



  • Automation Workshop Manager · GUI shows Tasks and operations in real-time.
  • Visual tools · all your RPA tools, without code, all visual.
  • Queue Manager · monitor past and ongoing Tasks in real-time.
  • Task Finder · quickly locate Tasks based on their Triggers, Actions and execution credentials.
  • Remote Manager · seamlessly orchestrate numerous servers using GUI. Manage, monitor, and audit remote servers in real-time with Remote Tools from one single machine. Deploy and execute automated workflows on multiple servers with a single click.
  • Options · fine-tune the automation framework.
  • Customize · adjust visuals of Automation Workshop.


  • The Add Action window supports instant search & filter by any keyword or alias.
  • To take a quick look at the running Tasks, press Ctrl+Q. Press it again, to close the Queue Manager.
  • Stuck? Need help? Every application window has context-sensitive online help!
  • Create automated tasks easier than ever before. Enjoy great usability features and an awesome performance. Your imagination is your only limit!
Automation Workshop UI
Automation Workshop · Tools menu

Automation advantages

Quick tutorials

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