Customize Automation Workshop

Customize options allows adjusting toolbar button size and labels. Choose whether various program parameter input lines will feature Browse or Variable Wizard buttons next to them, only a cue arrow, or nothing at all.

Task toolbar Choose icon size and label placement for Task toolbar.
Edit toolbar Choose icon size and label placement for Edit toolbar.
Standard toolbar Choose icon size and label placement for Standard toolbar.
Main menu Choose whether the Main menu occupies a separate row or can be placed together with other toolbars.
Auto hide buttons Select the way in which Automation Workshop input lines with additional controls will be shown. When input line features Browse for files and folders or Variable Wizard button, it is possible to show these buttons, show big or small cue arrows or nothing at all. Upon putting a cursor into input line for editing, buttons are automatically displayed.
Lock the toolbars Disables controls for changing toolbar placement.
Lock the layout Disables the option to resize panes by dragging their borders.
Enable split by keyboard If enabled, it is possible to modify size of Automation Workshop main window panes using Tab and Arrow keys.

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