Automatic Backup & Restore

As an enterprise class business process automation software, Automation Workshop includes Backup and Restore functionality designed to avoid any possible data loss, be it the structure of designed automation Tasks, the settings of Automation Workshop application or reports on past events written in log files. Right out of the box, Automation Workshop can be easily and quickly setup to perform regular automated backups. Manual backups performed at user request are also supported.

Note! If Automation Workshop Service is not running or the Stop automatic task triggering option in the Tools menu is activated, the automatic backup will not be performed.

Options - Backup properties

Automation Workshop Backup is located in the Backup tab of Automation Workshop Options, and can be accessed by choosing the Backup option directly from the Tools menu.

Automation Workshop Restore is a manual process which can be performed when necessary by replacing Task files, software's settings and log files from backup archive to their original locations.

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