Trigger Manager

Trigger Manager provides an instant overview of all active Triggers, their activation conditions, as well as displays all upcoming Task execution schedules.

On the other hand the Task Finder provides an overview on active and inactive Tasks (located by their name, Triggers, Actions as well as their execution credentials).


Toolbar contains buttons for filtering enabled and disabled Triggers.

Active Triggers Toggles display of enabled Triggers.
Inactive Triggers Toggles display of disabled Triggers.
Watcher Shows File & Folder Watcher Triggers.
FTP Shows FTP Watcher Triggers.
SFTP Shows SFTP Watcher Triggers.
WebDAV Shows WebDAV Watcher Triggers.
S3 Shows Amazon S3 Watcher Triggers.
Google Shows Google Cloud Storage Watcher Triggers.
Spaces Shows DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher Triggers.
Scheduler Shows Task Scheduler Triggers.
Logon Shows User Logon & Logoff Triggers.
Startup Shows System Startup & Shutdown Triggers.
Date Compute schedules for the selected date range.
Filter Allows to choose in which columns the Quick filter will search for matches.
Refresh Rescan all Triggers, and update the list of Triggers again.

Triggers Pane

Triggers Pane shows a list of Triggers along with their triggering details. Columns include information about the Task name and Trigger activation details.

Task Shows a Task name and Trigger icon for each matching entry.
Triggering details For each type of Trigger, displays exact activation conditions—a schedule, location, file types, etc.

Status bar

Status bar shows the number of Triggers displayed along with the last update of the list.

Status barDetails
Quick filter Find Triggers by any field whose value contains this search term.
Updated on Shows when the Trigger Manager list has been updated.
Entries Shows the number of Triggers displayed (enabled or disabled, or both).

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