Triggering conditions

Conditions tab of File / Folder Watcher specifies what exactly will activate the Trigger. Available options include watching for new files, file deletion, modification and renaming as well as situations when amount of files within specified folder reaches a particular number or some file reaches a particular size.

Conditions propertiesDescription
Watch for new filesFile / Folder Watcher Trigger is activated when a new file / folder is created in specified folder.
Watch for deleted filesThe Trigger is activated when a file / folder is deleted from specified folder.
Watch for modified filesActivates watch file / folder Trigger when a file within monitored folder is modified.
Watch for renamed filesActivates the Trigger when a file / folder in watched folder is renamed.
Watch for file count in folderActivates the Trigger when number of files / folders reaches the specified number.
Watch for file size that is greater thanFile / Folder Watcher is activated if some file in monitored folder is / becomes bigger than specified size. Option available only when File / Folder Watcher is configured to monitor files.
Size unitsSize unitsAllows precise specifying of file sizes in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes.
File / folder watcher Conditions properties
Additional notes:
  • Monitored files can easily be used in further automated processes (such as copying, renaming, deleting, and processing by external command line or Windows software) by using values from File / Folder Watcher Trigger in Variable Wizard.
  • Watch for new files condition also returns files that are created by renaming original ones in monitored folder.
  • Watch for deleted files condition also returns old names of files that has been renamed.
  • Watch for deleted files condition ignores file attributes due to inability to read attributes of already deleted files.
  • Watch for deleted files condition may return file names in 8.3 filename format only (or only long file names), depending on application which deletes these files.
  • Watch for modified files condition can also be triggered if new files are created in monitored folder. It depends on the application that creates these files because many applications save the file in multiple approaches (e.g. Notepad application for older Windows versions).
  • When files within some folder are modified, File / Folder Watcher detects folder modification, if set to monitor folders.
  • Watch for file count in folder condition may return name of recently deleted file or folder, if number of files still exceed the specified value.
  • Watch for file count and Watch for file size conditions are triggered only upon changes in monitored folder (not when Trigger is initialized or computer starts).
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