Log manager overview

Log manager serves as the central place for monitoring Automation Workshop performance. All information, warning and error messages are collected here in a comprehensive and convenient interface, thus providing user with best means to overview or troubleshoot automated processes. Read more on using Log manager.

Toolbar contains shortcut icons for all Log manager commands.

Toolbar buttonsDescription
OpenAllows choosing between workshop and service log files as well as opening additional log files for appropriately configured Tasks.
ErrorsEnable / disable displaying error messages in Log manager.
WarningsEnable / disable displaying warning messages in Log manager.
MessagesEnable / disable displaying information messages in Log manager.
DateShows log for selected time period.
FilterFilter log messages according to the Task name, message text or Event ID.
RefreshUpdates Log manager window and loads log messages produced after last refresh / Log manager launch.
HelpOpens online help in events section providing detailed information on info messages, warnings and errors of all Triggers, Actions and Automation Workshop interface.

Log pane shows sortable columns with date, task, details and event ID information.

DateShows date and time of events.
TaskShows Task name associated with particular event.
DetailsShows event details.
Event IDShows Event ID associated with the event for easy error tracking.
Automation Workshop Log manager

The date filter bar allows specifying precise log display interval in custom date mode.

Start / end dateAllows entering exact dates and times to view log for custom period of time.

Status bar displays date and time of last Log manager window content update, number of events listed and allows exporting log to CSV file.

Status barDescription
Last UpdatedShows the last update of Log file displayed.
EventsShows the number of events displayed.
Export to FileAllows exporting log to CSV file.

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