Operations manager - overview

By collecting all the important data in one place Operations manager makes it easy and convenient to have a look at the summary overview on Automation Workshop performance to help you use the product more effectively.

The real-time data on memory use, active triggers, executed tasks and service uptime allows you to ensure that system is running in optimal condition. The data on Tasks completed successfully or with errors allows to pro-actively monitor the system and make the necessary adjustments.

Automation Workshop Operations manager
ServiceShows whether the Automation Workshop service is running and its current uptime.
GuardShows the status of Automation Workshop service guard which provides the extra safety measures for uninterrupted system availability.
VersionShows Automation Workshop software version and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit.
TasksIndicates the number of enabled and disabled tasks.
MemoryShows the system memory usage (both in MB and bytes) by Automation Workshop and Tasks. Total and per Task memory usage is shown.
BackupShows whether the automated backup of Automation Workshop tasks and settings is enabled and how frequently it is performed.
The most recent copyShows when the last backup was created.
WatcherIndicates the number of active File / Folder Watcher triggers and the total number of times they are executed since the last service start.
SchedulerIndicates the number of active Task Scheduler triggers and the total number of times they are run.
LogonShows how many active User Logon / Logoff triggers are active and the total number of times they are run.
StartupShows the number active System Startup / Shutdown triggers and how many times they are run in total.
Tasks completedDisplays the total number of successfully completed Tasks as well the number of Tasks that have finished with error.
The most recent TaskShows the name of most recently completed Task.

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