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Commercial users are offered huge volume discounts for purchasing multi-user licenses.

Upgrade Assurance prices given below are for 1 user license. When purchasing multiple licenses, the volume discount also applies to upgrade assurance prices. In addition to fixed time upgrade assurance, ongoing subscriptions are available with recurrence periods of 3 months and 1 year.

  • Upgrade Assurance · Details
    Provides free software upgrades for purchased period of time.
    License typeDiscountPer yearPrice
    1 year Upgrade Assurance$99$99
    2 year Upgrade Assurance30%$69$139
    3 year Upgrade Assurance40%$59$179

Summary for each license type:

  • Personal use license.
    The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be used on a single computer for non-profit purposes. Personal use license can be purchased by either home users or accredited educational institutions · Order page
  • Commercial license.
    The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be used in commercial environment or any other environment on a number of computers specified by license type. Commercial license is provided for all kinds of companies, government institutions and other entities not entitled for personal use license. Types of Commercial licenses:
    • Single-user license.
      The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be installed and used only on one computer.
    • Multi-user license.
      The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be installed and used on, at most, the number of computers (belonging to a single company) specified by the License.
    • Site license.
      The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be installed and used on any / all computers located at a company site and within 62 mile (100 kilometer) radius around it.
    • Testing / development license.
      Each copy of Commercial license includes free copy for testing, developing, prototyping Tasks, and demonstrating SOFTWARE PRODUCT, and not for any other purpose. This license can not be used for production data processing or for any commercial or production purposes. Personal use license does not include this license.
  • Note.
    Full license text is included in product package, see license.txt file in installation folder.

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