Queue manager

Queue manager provides an overview on launched tasks. Tasks are sorted by their respective status (such as finished, running, waiting or paused). Depending on task status, it is possible to pause or remove task, change task order or start a pending task.

Toolbar contains shortcut icons for all Queue manager commands.

Toolbar buttonsDescription
StartStart Task execution immediately.
PausePause Task execution.
Move upMove a Task up in queue.
Move downMove a Task down in queue.
RemoveDelete a Task from queue.
InfoShow Task information.
RefreshRefresh Queue window.

Tasks pane displays currently running and queued Tasks, their status and other information. Recent or ongoing Task activity can be tracked automatically by using Queue value in Variable Wizard which returns the list of currently running, queued and recently finished Tasks.

TaskDisplays name of the running or queued Task.
%Displays Task's current progress.
StatusShows Task's current status.
Elapsed timeShows the amount of time Task is already running.
DetailsShows Task's detailed status.
Automation Workshop Queue manager

The interface window of Queue Manager displays various information on active tasks, such as number of running, waiting and paused tasks as well as the total number of tasks. Tasks are sorted depending on their status and each type is assigned a specific icon to facilitate supervising.

Status bar shows total number of Tasks currently in queue as well as number of Task with different status (i.e., running, waiting, paused).

Status barDescription
TasksTotal number of tasks queued.
RunningNumber of Tasks currently running.
WaitingNumber of Tasks waiting for execution.
PausedNumber of paused Tasks.
Simultaneous Task LimitNumber of Tasks allowed to run simultaneously. Set maximum number of Tasks that can be executed simultaneously in Automation Workshop Options.

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