Error handling

When the Task encounters an error Automation Workshop handles the situation according to predefined error scenario. Available scenarios include sending email report, running another Task to workaround the problem, writing in Windows System Event log or just disabling the Task until further evaluation.

Normally, the email part of On Error properties is first set upon configuring Task in Task Wizard reports properties.

On error propertiesDescription
Send email when Task encountered an errorIf this is option is enabled, Automation Workshop sends email to predefined address with brief error description.
Run Task if error occursAnother Task is executed upon error occurrence.
Write in Windows System Event log if error occursError message is written into Windows System Event log.
Disable this Task upon error occurenceTask is automatically disabled and does not become active until user enables it.
Task on error properties
Additional notes:
  • Task name can appear in red, if Task has been moved, renamed or deleted.
  • On Error report emails use SMTP server, that is specified in Automation Workshop options Email Server tab.
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