Automation Workshop manager

Automation Workshop manager is the main interface that gives user full control over all relevant features of automated Tasks and the program itself. As a central control interface Automation Workshop manager allows creating, editing, disabling and deleting Tasks, provides Task execution summary as well as gives access to Operations, Queue and Log managers, Task finder and Automation Workshop options.

Menu contains shortcuts to most of essential program and Task features.

FileTask creation and control commands.
EditCommon commands for handling task files (e.g. copy, cut, paste).
ViewAutomation Workshop interface options.
ToolsLog and Queue managers and Automation Workshop options.
HelpOnline help and ordering links.

Toolbars provide graphical buttons for quick access to basic Automation Workshop features.

TaskTask control and manager buttons.
EditTask file copy, cut, paste, delete buttons.
StandardTask folder creation, navigation and icon size buttons.
Automation Workshop manager

Folders & Tasks displays task folder structure and contained task files.

Folders & TasksDescription
Folder paneDisplays task folder structure in tree format.
Task paneDisplays task files contained in selected folder.

Log pane displays information on executed Tasks and Automation Workshop service related events.

DateShows date and time of logged event.
SourceIndicates whether event message is received from Automation Workshop user interface or system service.
DetailsShows event message text containing most essential details.

Status bar displays whether Automation Workshop manager is connected to its service and if Task triggering is enabled.

Status barDescription
Task IconShows the number of active and inactive Tasks (when hovered by mouse pointer).
Connected to ServiceIndicates whether Automation Workshop manager is connected to service.
Task triggering enabledIndicates whether automatic Task triggering is enabled.
X running tasksShows the number of currently running Tasks.
X itemsShows number of selected or total items in current Task folder.

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