Automation Workshop brings a truly zero-code solution for repetitive process automation challenges. From the highest level of automated process overview and management to the very details of Task creation and configuration, a simple yet efficient user interface leads you through all the necessary steps to start automating.

Main UI

More UI

  • Operations Manager · overview on all ongoing automated processes.
  • Queue Manager · monitor past and ongoing Tasks in real-time.
  • Log Manager · provides detailed operation reports with filtering and sorting options.
  • Trigger Manager · locate Triggers by their current (and scheduled) activation conditions.
  • Task Finder · quickly locate Tasks based on their Triggers, Actions and execution credentials.
Workshop, Queue & Log Managers, Service, and Tasks…

Adjust UI

  • Customize · adjust visuals of Automation Workshop.
  • Options · fine-tune the automation framework.

Tasks UI

Quick tutorials

YouTube video · Watch folder & automatically email files

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