Option overview

Automation Workshop options allow specifying the software behavior in wide range of common situations. Starting with interface settings till core functionality, options include password protection, service manageability, task control, logging settings, notification email presets and many more.

Automation Workshop Options are accessible from Automation Workshop Tools menu.


WorkshopConfigure password protected access, temporary working folder and log pane settings.
ServiceEnable / disable service (functional core component) to globally start / stop all Automation Workshop activity. Configure Automation Workshop notification area icon settings.
BackupSchedule automatic periodic backups or manually backup Automation Workshop Tasks, Settings and Logs to the specified location.
TasksGet information on Task files location on disk and choose length of delay before retrying Actions that have experienced error.
Queue ManagerSetup maximum number of simultaneously running Tasks, as well as Queue manager information update frequency and precision.
Log ManagerConfigure how logged events are displayed in Log manager. Options for tuning log file size, location and automatic management.
Email ServerSpecify SMTP server address and connection parameters to be applied when sending Task execution reports or using Send email Action.
Email SettingsSpecify email settings (i.e., From and To addresses, character set, priority and timeout) that will be used when sending Task completion and error notifications.
CustomizeConfigure toolbar button size and labeling, input control options and other interface related settings.

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