Run As credentials

Automation Workshop can take care of multi-user Windows environments. Various users may have different access to files and folders. Thus it is very important to correctly specify user credentials for automated task execution.

Normally, the Run As properties are first set upon creating Task in Task Wizard run as properties.

Run as propertiesDescription
If user is logged inInteractive mode - if user is already logged on, Automation Workshop can access the same graphical user interface (GUI) and file / folder / network resources that are available for user.
If user is logged offNon-interactive mode - if no user is logged on, Automation Workshop runs in non-interactive mode which means that it can access file / folder / network resources that specified credentials entitle to; however, access to graphical user interface options is limited.
Specified user nameIf Run as specified user is selected either for interactive or non-interactive Task execution, user credentials are required:
  • Username - If specified user is not in domain, specify user account in which Task will be executed.
  • DOMAIN\Username - If specified user is in domain, specify domain name and user account in which Task will be executed.
PasswordProvide password for specified user account.

Depending on whether user is logged in or not, different accounts for Task execution can be specified. Choose the account from which the Task should be executed separately for situation when user is logged in and situation when user is logged off.

Run optionsDescription
Run Task as currently logged in userExecutes the Task in interactive mode in user account that is currently logged in. If Task uses Logon / logoff Trigger, it automatically uses credentials of currently logged in user.
Run Task as service (SYSTEM)Executes the Task in System account (as Windows Service).
Run Task as specified userExecutes the Task in specified user account. Account credentials have to be provided.
Run Task as default user (Domain\Username)Executes the Task in default user account. Note that Default user account is common for all Tasks. Default user account configured in Automation Workshop Task Options.
Do not run the TaskSpecifies not to execute the Task.
Task run as properties
Additional notes / resources:
  • Run As settings explained.
  • Note that switching from Interactive (user logged in) to Non-interactive mode (no user logged in) or back will reset the number of counted triggering instances to zero (assuming that different user credentials are used for each mode). Therefore, the Task execution can be affected by a user logon or logoff (specifically, in cases when a Trigger is set to execute the Task after meeting triggering conditions for multiple times).
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