Notification area icon

Automation Workshop shows an icon in the Windows notification area. The icon allows quick access to the relevant options such as Log and Queue managers as well as Automation Workshop itself.

The icon is animated when a Task is running. When Task experiences an error, the icon becomes highlighted thus helping to facilitate error tracking when designing, deploying or debugging a Task. To configure an icon, use Service options.

Notification area icon menu

While right mouse button click opens a context menu with options both to access Automation Workshop features and configure the icon itself, the left mouse button click just shows the former.

Menu itemDescription
Open Automation WorkshopOpens Automation Workshop main interface.
View Running TasksOpens Queue Manager which shows currently running as well as recently finished and scheduled Tasks.
View LogOpens log file in Log Manager.
Animate during task executionWhen enabled, animates notification area icon while a Task is being executed.
Highlight icon on errorWhen enabled, notification area icon becomes highlighted for a while after some Task experiences an error. Hold CTRL button while clicking left mouse button on the icon to clear error highlighting.
AboutOpens About page online.
Notification area icon context menu

Notification area icon occasionally facilitates and complements the use of already existing management and monitoring system containing a set of logging, reporting and pro-active problem solution options.

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