Task finder overview

Task finder provides an overview on active and inactive Tasks. The Tasks can be easily located by their name, Triggers, Actions as well as their execution credentials.

Task finder

Toolbar contains buttons for filtering enabled and disabled Tasks.

Toolbar buttonsDescription
Enabled TasksToggles display of enabled Tasks.
Shortcut: ALT + E
Disabled TasksToggles display of disabled Tasks.
Shortcut: ALT + D
WatcherShows Tasks that contain an enabled File / Folder Watcher trigger that monitors file system for changes.
Shortcut: ALT + W
SchedulerShows Tasks with enabled Task Scheduler trigger that automatically runs recurring Tasks.
Shortcut: ALT + S
LogonShows Tasks that contain an active User Logon / Logoff trigger that is activated when user logs in or out of Windows.
Shortcut: ALT + L
StartupShows Tasks that contain an active System Startup / Shutdown trigger that is activated either when Windows is started or before it is shut down.
Shortcut: ALT + U
FilterAllows to choose in which columns the Quick filter will search for matches. By default, filter looks in all columns, i.e. Task, Triggers, Actions, Logged in, Logged off, Logging and Location, however, it is possible to easily remove particular columns out of its search range. The Reset filter option enables Quick filter to search in all columns.
Shortcut: ALT + F
RefreshRescan all Tasks, and update the list of Tasks again.

Tasks pane shows the list of Tasks along with their essential details. Columns include information about Task name, active Triggers and Actions as well as their execution credentials and location in Task folders.

TaskShows Task name.
TriggersShows the number of active Triggers.
ActionsShows the number of active Actions.
Logged inShows credentials that are used for Task execution when a user is logged in the system. Credentials are specified in Run As credentials.
Logged offShows credentials that are used for Task execution when no user is logged in the system.
LoggingShows Task logging settings. Each Task can log its operations in default file and create individual logs to save all, default or critical data.
LocationShows the location of a Task in the folder structure.

Filter allows quick Task location.

Online helpOpens online help on Task finder.
Quick filterFind Tasks by any field whose value contains these characters.
Shortcut: ALT + Q
CloseCloses Task finder window.

Status bar shows the number of Tasks displayed along with last update of the list.

Status barDescription
Last refreshShows when the Task finder list has been updated.
Task countShows the number of Tasks displayed (enabled or disabled, or both).
Analyzed tasksShows the progress, or total number of Tasks analyzed.

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