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Automation Workshop is software for automation of complex and recurring processes that would otherwise take a lot of intensive and repetitive user work time. Due to partial or full process automation it provides irreplaceable cost saving opportunities and radically eliminates possibility of human error.

Making automated tasks easier than ever before, Automation Workshop requires no scripting, programming or coding skills. In the very core of automation is creation of Tasks that include Triggers and Actions as key components, each being optimized for intuitive comprehension through simple yet efficient interface.

Automation Workshop consists of two parts - a system service optimized for performance and stability, it performs Tasks in background, while GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides user with easy access to Task Creation Wizard, Task properties, logs and other options.

Automation Workshop Tasks, Triggers & Actions…

Task is a basic unit of Automation Workshop that can be executed both automatically (using Triggers) and manually to do a particular work (using Actions). A Task consists of two primary components - Actions and Triggers and some secondary components, such as logging, email reporting and error handling.

Trigger is a set of conditions that, when met by computer system, automatically launches an associated Action. Triggers only work if the Task state is enabled; disabled Tasks can still be started either manually or using Start Task Action. Some examples of possible Triggers are:

Action is a set of procedures that are performed upon meeting conditions defined in Trigger or executing Task manually. Some examples of possible Actions are:

  • Start specified Windows program or run any DOS command or batch file;
  • Copy, rename, move, delete specified files or folders;
  • Send files or folders over network or email.
Automation Workshop tasksAutomation Workshop triggersAutomation Workshop actions
Tasks, Triggers and Actions…
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