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Configure less common email parameters such as carbon copy & blind carbon copy recipients, reply to name and address, organization field and custom header tags.

CC Specify carbon copy recipients. Carbon copy recipients will receive email message, but are not listed as primary in To field. Carbon copy recipients are visible to all other email recipients.
BCC Specify blind carbon copy recipients. Blind carbon copy recipients will receive email message, but are not visible to any other recipient. However, BCC recipients will see all TO and CC recipients.
Reply to Specify address which will be used as To address when someone decides to reply the original message.
Organization Specify sender's organization.
Custom headers Add single or multiple custom tags to message header. Header format:
  • X-Custom-Header: Actual header value
  • X-Confirm-Reading-To: confirm@mail.example.org
  • X-Disclaimer: Unless specifically requested
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.

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