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Conditions tab allows choosing what kind of file and directory changes to detect in a remote FTP server.

Watch for new files Detect newly created and uploaded files.
Watch for new and existing files Detect newly created files as well as the files already existing in the specified directory.
Watch for deleted files Detect when the files are deleted.
Watch for modified files Detect when the file content changes.
Ignore timestamp When Watch for modified files option is selected, the Ignore timestamp option prevents Trigger from executing Task when changes are detected only in file date and time.
Watch for file count in directory Detect when the total number of files exceed the specified number.
Watch for file size that is greater than Detect files that are larger than a particular size.
Size unitsSize units selectionSet file size limits in any preferred format—bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes.


  • When watching for New and existing files, File size or File count, the FTP Watcher waits for all currently running Task instances to finish, before triggering again. This behavior can be changed with a Registry override.
  • Many FTP servers always return 00 seconds in timestamp, thus preventing correct detection of file modification.

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