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Specify on what months, days, weekdays or time to disable Task scheduling. Provided ranges are separate and independent each from other (e.g., specifying both December and Fridays will lead to exclusion of all Fridays and all days of December, not merely all Fridays of December).

Months Specify months on which Task will not be scheduled.
Days Specify dates of month on which Task will not be scheduled.
Weekdays Specify days of the week on which Task will not be scheduled.
Time Specify time range of the day during which Task will not be scheduled.
Next execution Shows the date and time of the next schedule. The Trigger Manager provides an overview of all upcoming Task execution schedules within the next day, week, or month.
YouTube video · Advanced Task Scheduler


  • In addition to the Task Scheduler Trigger exclusion dates and times you can use the Execution policy to prevent Task from running on the selected date and time range. In other words—the Task Scheduler Trigger starts a Task at specified times, while the Execution Policy prevents (forbids) the Task from running at all on the specified dates and times. The Execution Policy takes precedence over the Triggers.


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