Advanced options of Task scheduler

Specify schedule end date and time after which Task will not be scheduled, choose whether Task should be executed as soon as possible after missing schedule as well as set Task repetition interval.

Advanced propertiesDescription
Do not trigger after this dateSpecifies schedule end date and time. After this date and time Task will not be scheduled.
Run task immediately if last scheduled execution is missedSpecifies that Task is executed as soon as possible after missing the scheduled execution (e.g. due to computer being switched off).
Repeat task everyIndicates that Task, once scheduled, will be repeated once in a specified amount of time. Repetitions are part of recurrences so that every scheduled Task recurrence will execute the specified number of repetitions.
For a maximum repetition period ofIndicates the amount of time during which Task will be repeated.
Universal timeSpecifies that Universal time (UTC) will be used when scheduling a Task.
Next executionIndicates the date and time of the next scheduled Task execution. Point mouse cursor over to get more scheduled execution dates.
Time unitsTime unitsAllows precise specifying of time periods in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days.
Task scheduler Advanced properties
Additional notes:
  • When Task Scheduler is configured to repeat the Task, repetitions are executed without taking into account exclusion filter settings.
  • Repetitions of scheduled Task are not run after the next recurrence. A new cycle of repetitions begins, instead.
  • If Task is scheduled to run once, repetitions are carried out infinitely or until the specified end date of the schedule.
  • Even if Run task immediately if last scheduled execution is missed option is enabled, its effects are not displayed in next execution hint.
  • Exclusion filter settings are ignored when performing the missed execution.
  • Too small repeat time (normally, below a second) can cause missed scheduled execution depending on computer speed.
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